Happy Mother’s Day, Montana style: Mom and newborn wild bison hazed mercilessly

BFC photo

The tiny calf pictured was only four hours old and caught up in a hazing operation when the Montana livestock industry flexed its muscle. Mom hadn’t even shed the afterbirth before the harassment began. Regarding the photo, Buffalo Field Campaign reports:

Buffalo Field Campaign, based in West Yellowstone, MT, has been on the front lines of bison advocacy and activism for over a decade. Sometimes I wonder if wild Yellowstone bison would even exist anymore had it not been for BFC’s constant vigilance and dedication.

Yellowstone’s boundaries were drawn with politics, not ecosystems, in mind, leaving migratory animals without the lower elevation habitat so desperately needed as the park’s high elevation winter drags on. Most ungulates roam freely; most, except for bison–considered a threat by the Montana livestock oligarchy. Aided by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Yellowstone National Park, and the Gallatin National Forest (USDA-APHIS is also involved in bison mismanagement, and yes, our tax dollars fuel this travesty), the powers that be currently have incarcerated nearly 800 wild bison in holding pens at the park’s north entrance (Gardiner, MT), and have begun hazing operations at the West Yellowstone entrance to put bison “back in their place.”

What’s a pregnant bison to do? Her age-old wisdom tells her to head to lower ground where she’ll find less snow and greening grass, to migrate to traditional birthing grounds on sunny slopes. Here a calf can be born and nurtured.

But then the cattle empire strikes back, as it does every spring.

What can you do to help wild bison moms and babies this Mother’s Day? First, click here to read BFC’s full report with additional pictures. You’ll also find suggestions for actions you can take. Then read a letter from 17 members of the U.S. Congress to National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis asking him to scrap the flawed Interagency Bison Management Plan, the document that has guided bison mismanagement since 2000. (Since its adoption, over 3500 of America’s last wild, migratory, and genetically pure wild bison have been slaughtered in management actions.)

Finally, a shameless pitch for donations to Buffalo Field Campaign. I guarantee you, they are out there right now, monitoring, documenting, sending out news releases, presenting testimony to government officials, intervening through the courts–even directing traffic! Yes, some of the first grass to green up is at the edges of busy highways near West Yellowstone, and bison leaving the park through the Madison River valley are drawn to it. BFC personnel spend long days and dark, cold nights slowing traffic to prevent vehicle/bison collisions.

Because I’ve served on the BFC board of directors, I know for a fact how grassroots this organization really is, and that the handful of paid staff draws nothing close to a “living wage”–they do what they do out of love and respect for this most amazing animal, and volunteers from around the world join them. But activism isn’t free, even when most of the labor is donated. They need gas for patrols, video and camera equipment for documentation, ski equipment for winter patrols, computers for informing the world, and much more.

This Mother’s Day, if you’d like to give a gift to a wild bison mom–a gift that will work toward justice for the new generation of calves being born right now–channel a donation through Buffalo Field Campaign. They’ll see to it that your gift is delivered.

Update: For the sad outcome to this Mother’s Day story, clickhere.

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